Panduit Industrial and Electrical Infrastructure

Panduit offers a full solution of Electrical Infrastructure Solutions, from cable ties to short circuit protection, absence of voltage testers to identification, wiring accessories to safety products. Panduit manufactures to the highest quality standards and continues to innovate to meet the needs of end users in the most complex and harshest of environments. Panduit products are engineered for all aspects of designing, installing and maintain infrastructures within a variety of markets including data center, rail, OEM, transportation, aerospace, shipbuilding and construction, whatever the requirement, Panduit has you covered.

Panduit Cable Cleats and Short Circuit Protection

Panduit Cable Cleats offers protection against extreme environments and high short circuit current faults. Panduit Cleats feature easy installation via single tool tightening, removable spacer, and a bracket slot providing additional installation options. Panduit® Pan-Steel® Self-Locking Cable Ties and MS75 Metal Strapping System represent Panduit’s Strapping cable cleat offering for robust cable management and short circuit protection. Available in a variety of sizes, these solutions ensure cables remain contained in the event of a short circuit occurrence. To complement the strapping, Panduit offers various cable tray mounting brackets and protective cushion sleeving. All items are tested to IEC 61914 : 2015.

Cable Ties

Panduit ® offers the most comprehensive selection of cable tie styles, sizes, materials, and colours to meet the needs of our customers. Our cable ties bundle, mount, and identify in countless indoor, outdoor, and harsh environment applications. Panduit manufactures cable ties in a wide variety of materials to withstand temperature extremes from -60°C to 260°C (up to 540°C in Stainless Steel) as well as resistance to environmental conditions such as chemical, UV light and even radiation. Panduit’s Stainless Steel Ball-Locking Ties range from 4.6mm width to 15.9mm width and are available in single and double wrap versions to meet all environmental, vibration and strength requirements.

Identification – Labels and Software

Panduit is a global leader in reliable and innovative solutions for identification and safety. Products are engineered for a wide variety of industries and applications – including electrical, electronics, industrial, and network. The Panduit Easy-Mark Plus™ Labeling Software is powerful, easy-to-use, and affordable software that provides innovative features and functionality to address unique labeling needs. Panduit offers a complete, high-performance label materials (all RoHS compliant), from component labels to heat shrink markers, from self-laminating labels to permanently embossed stainless steel markers, from unique terminal block markers to raised panel labels. Panduit’s software and labeling solutions provide the answer, whatever the environmental requirement.

Identification – Printers

Panduit printer solutions provide the complete suite of solutions to meet your needs. Panduit’s new range of Mobile Printers, developed in conjunction with Epson, combining best in class print technology with industry leading labeling and software capabilities. These printers are capable of printing directly from mobile phones via Bluetooth and onto such media as Turn-Tell, self-laminating, heat shrink labels and continuous tape. Panduit also Thermal Desktop Printers for medium to high volume labeling requirements creating durable, crisp, clear legends and graphics that offer superior legibility. The Thermal Desktop Printer create durable legends from the least extreme to the harshest industrial environments. Panduit has also developed an embossing system for use with stainless steel marker plates for a permanent identification solution.


When servicing electrical equipment, workers must comply with safety regulations that require a voltage verification test to validate the absence of voltage. This process includes a number of stages that can be complex and time-consuming when using hand-held portable test instruments. The VeriSafe™ Absence of Voltage Tester from Panduit simplifies this process by automating the voltage verification process. Once installed, a simple push of a button enables workers to verify the absence of voltage and see an active indication when the absence of voltage is confirmed. This provides a new and innovative way to safely, reliably, and efficiently verify the absence of voltage before accessing potentially dangerous electrical equipment.